How to handle hard-to-reach design clients


A few days ago, I published a post in response to one reader’s question about overcoming fear as a freelancer. The post was such a hit, I decided to tackle another question posed by a designer named Bree. Here’s the request: I would love to see some reviews or tips on how to handle clients who do not respond or provide feedback in a timely manner. Well, Bree, today you’re in luck because I’d like to share with you–and the

Minimize client revisions by pitching your proof like this:


If you’re anything like me, the absolute very last thing on your mind after finalizing a proof is your pitch. At this point you’re reeking of awesomeness and positively giddy with the prospect of  reveling in the praise and glory your client is going to heap upon you from the moment they see your brain-child. Okay, so maybe you’re not that excited (or maybe you are!). But likely it’s late (early?), you’re tired, or you just want to move on