25 Inspiring and creative print ads

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As a graphic designer, one principle responsibility we have is to convey a message effectively via visual means. The following ads are inspirational in that regard. Few, if any, words are used in most of these advertisements, but the visual imagery speaks volumes. Take a look and let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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About Preston D Lee

Preston is a web designer, entrepreneur, and the founder of this blog. @prestondlee


  1. The Ace ad is my fav – I have to agree with Charlie, great post as usual!

  2. dani tvetan says:

    cool! i love the chess one!

  3. Everyone loves and celebrates good creative. Does anyone know what the ROI was on any of these?

  4. Some inspiring stuff. I like the one with the snake

  5. Very inspiring! Great post.

  6. Allen Parfitt says:

    Wow, very impressive. I especially like the Ace and Adobe adds!

  7. Nice and very creative.

  8. Nearly all of these are cool but I personally like the one similar to Lion King. That scene is one of the best in all time animated movies. It’s brings back so many memories.


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