Should you list your prices on your website? (Here’s what I do)


It’s a conundrum many of us creative entrepreneurs face: do I list pricing (or typical pricing) on my website or not? Some entrepreneurs swear by it; others refuse…and both make valid arguments. So what’s the “right” answer? And is there a “right” answer for your business that differs from the “right” answer for another business? And how does this work out for differing pricing structures? Let’s dive in and find out. The case for listing pricing on your website Most

How you can make $11K in extra income with tiny “tweaks” to your creative business

make more money freelancing

One of my favorite business books of all time comes from Chris Guillebeau and it’s titled The $100 Startup*. The book is packed full of great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Here’s one that really resonated with me and can help you make way more money with not much more effort. It’s the principle of “tweaking.” “Tweaking your way to the bank.” Let me start by quoting Chris: “The not-so-secret to improving income in an existing business is through tweaks: small

7 Deadly mistakes that will kill your creative business


Now that everyone has a second cousin or daughter in college who’s a “whiz” with editing and layout software, true creative professionals have a lot more competition. We have to be ever more vigilant in finding good clients, explaining our value to our clients, and then over-delivering like crazy. And starting a business is tough! It requires much more than just creative talent. Even if some of us creatives and dreamers have great ideas, we often lack the financial know-how and

3 Ways I doubled my freelance profits while still working a full-time job


If you’re like me, you love to freelance but rely on a separate full-time job for the majority of your income. I’ve been working as an in-house designer for the past several years to pay the bills. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it, but freelancing continues to challenge and inspire me in ways my full-time jobs never could. So I think it’s fair to say I won’t be stopping any time soon. In fact, I’ve been steadily building my

Ask these 5 questions to weed out bad clients early on


I know the scenario well: You get a call from a potential client and set up a meeting. You spend at least 2 hours prepping, traveling, and actually meeting. Then you spend more time carefully preparing the proposal. Then you wait. And you don’t hear back. So you follow up and still get nothing. Finally, you hear: “We’ve decided to work with another firm” or “The department head didn’t approve the budget” or “The project has been put on hold” or

Stand out from your competition with unique, high-quality business cards


Especially in this digital age, you may question the need for business cards. Isn’t it just one more expense that “old” people use? Don’t people nowadays just clink smartphones together or text contact information? You might be surprised. Traditional methods of finding clients still work…and some of them have better success rates now that they’re not “the latest thing.” So before you pooh-pooh a great set of business cards, think about how widely they’re still used: Swapped at meetings and

5 Reasons why marketing to everyone will kill your creative business


Does your website list a half dozen or more capabilities: logo design, website design, print, SEO, photography, video, PR? Are you afraid of losing out on any opportunities that a client or prospect might bring you? Perhaps you figure if you cast a wide net you’ll haul in more fish. Well, you might be surprised that this tactic not only fails to catch very much, it may actually be hurting your business. Here’s why: 1. Lowered credibility The days of

A day in the life of one freelance designer


Trying to pin down one day in my design life is a pretty daunting prospect… I guess that’s what makes being a freelance designer so darn interesting to me – it’s not an orderly, predictable existence. One day is never like the next. I’m always stretching and learning and failing forward fast. It’s not an orderly, predictable existence. One day is never like the next. #freelancing Click To Tweet Communicating, planning, outsourcing, networking and even designing – it’s busy! I