Don’t get stuck with the bill! How to ensure your project costs are covered


Reader Matthew asks: Between the designer and the client, who pays for what and when? Great question, Matthew! It’s one that many of us stress over, especially because it often feels like a trade-off between simplicity, good customer service, and financial security. For example: It’s much easier to cover the cost of web hosting than to ask a client to go through the unfamiliar process of purchasing hosting only to forward all of the emails to you anyway. It’s much

5 Important things you should know before designing your first app


Have you ever had a client ask you if you could create an app for their business? Do you have a great app idea burning in your brain, but you feel like the technical aspects are preventing you from creating it? Many graphic designers just like you mistakenly believe they have to go to an expensive graphic design school, take months of classes, or become code junkies to develop apps. Not true! Any graphic designer that wants to get into app development simply

How to keep pushing when you’ve had enough and are ready to quit your business


These past couple weeks have been crazy. On one hand, things have been amazing. We’ve been traveling through Europe while working, and business has been growing like crazy at the same time. On the other hand, these past couple weeks have been tough. I’ve slept horribly lately, I’ve been scrambling to finish about 5+ urgent projects all at the same time, and some crazy customer “fires” sprung up that had to be resolved too, but not without nearly giving me

34 Business Tasks You Should Stop Doing & Hire Virtual Staff For


What’s the number one resource all entrepreneurs don’t have enough of? Time. Especially if you’ve built your business around providing a service for people. Because, once the 24 hours in a day run out, you have no choice but to start over again tomorrow. If you’re not careful, you can think you’re building a business when you’re really just spending 24-hour increments maintaining a business. How to get more hours in the day There’s only one solid way to find more

An Easy 10-point SEO checklist for your next website project


15 years ago, you could design a great website for your client and not have to worry too much about things like SEO best-practices or the latest Google Search algorithm update. You could simply stuff the your site with keywords and be on the first page of Ask Jeeves. (Or at least that’s what they tell me; 15 years ago I was sneaking cigarettes in-between classes and practicing for my Driver’s Ed exam). To put it simply, times have changed.

1 in 5 Win free web hosting from our new host, Squidix (No, seriously)

free web hosting

Last month, we completely changed where we host We left our previous host, where GDB had been hosted for more than 5 years, and made the switch to Squidix. And today, to celebrate a seamless transition (thanks, guys!), GDB and Squidix are giving away a whole slew of one-year hosting plans completely free. You can use the plan for yourself or pass the savings on to a client who needs web hosting. More details on how the contest is

Which fonts convert best in web design & are you using them?


You know what makes up a good website: great color scheme, intuitive navigation, and awesome calls-to-action (among many other things). Since all of these elements are calculated to stand out, it makes sense that they’re important in web design. And they all share one crucial aspect: font selection. The best web fonts are those that make reading easy and quick without drawing attention to themselves. (Display fonts garner notice because that’s their purpose; but even they flounder if they emphasize

How passive income side projects changed my life and business forever


About a year ago I came to a realization that completely changed my life: I realized that if I just kept jumping from freelance project to freelance project I would never get where I wanted to in life. I would probably make a decent income, and I would get pretty good, but ultimately I would feel dissatisfied and stagnant after a few years. Realizing that my freelance work wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go, I made