How to keep pushing when you’ve had enough and are ready to quit your business


These past couple weeks have been crazy. On one hand, things have been amazing. We’ve been traveling through Europe while working, and business has been growing like crazy at the same time. On the other hand, these past couple weeks have been tough. I’ve slept horribly lately, I’ve been scrambling to finish about 5+ urgent projects all at the same time, and some crazy customer “fires” sprung up that had to be resolved too, but not without nearly giving me

1 in 5 Win free web hosting from our new host, Squidix (No, seriously)

free web hosting

Last month, we completely changed where we host We left our previous host, where GDB had been hosted for more than 5 years, and made the switch to Squidix. And today, to celebrate a seamless transition (thanks, guys!), GDB and Squidix are giving away a whole slew of one-year hosting plans completely free. You can use the plan for yourself or pass the savings on to a client who needs web hosting. More details on how the contest is

4 Ways to throw serious fuel on your creative business


Growing your business – in the busy moments, you don’t have time to think about it, and in the lean times, it’s all you can think about. It’s always somewhere in your consciousness that you need to grow your business, but the question is – how? Here, neatly packaged for you, are some especially pertinent GDB posts from the past few years that will help you answer that very question. We’re going to look at the issue from three different

3 Critical business tips I would share with ‘7-years-ago’ me if I had a time machine

what I would tell my self 7 years ago about business

Between freelancing and running GDB, I’ve been “in business” for over seven years now. I know that’s not much for some people, but for me, I feel pretty blessed to have reached lucky number 7. Looking back on the last 7 years got me thinking: what business tips would I share with myself seven years ago if I had a time-machine? I honestly believe if I had known these three things seven years ago, I could have avoided some serious heartbreak, frustration,

How long should you test a marketing idea before giving up?

small business marketing

Marketing. That dirty ‘M’ word. How dare they not warn you of it in design school. “Do good work” – they say. “Create a great portfolio” – they say. “Look after your clients” – they say. And supposedly, the money will take care of itself. Yeah, right! I’m calling BS. I’m a good designer. I bend over backwards for my clients and then do a triple somersault in midair. And I have a pretty damn fine portfolio of work too.

How to rock at business without starving your creativity

business and creativity

I recently had one of the best moments of my life. My son (who’s currently 4 years old) randomly came up to me one day and said, “Dad, I’m going to be an artist when I grow up.” Why was I so happy? Because when I was his age, I said the same thing. And I see so much of me in him–it’s crazy. Everyday, he’s got dozens of new hand-drawn pictures for me. He writes his own little books

55+ Questions to ask when designing a logo


Knowing which questions to ask when designing a logo can be difficult. You don’t want to look stupid by asking the wrong kinds of questions. You don’t want to overwhelm your client by asking too many questions. But if you don’t ask enough of the right questions, you could waste hours designing a logo that doesn’t match what your client is looking for. I’ve been there. It’s not fun. Trust me. Below, to help you start thinking through questions to

12 Sure-fire ways to be happier as a freelance designer


I consider myself an incredibly fortunate person. Through a combination of hard work and luck, I am a freelance designer – my dream job. For all of its ups and downs, complications and stressful moments, this is a career that suits my talents and temperament supremely well. And yet – being solely in charge of my own business all the time can take its toll and threaten to deplete me of a very precious commodity which I like to call