Design business critique

Want to take your design business to the next level?

Every day I help designers build their business and become more profitable.

From advising you on making the freelance leap to helping you find the best, highest-paying clients you could ask for, my solid advice and actionable tips have helped designers just like you.

Now, I want to make the process more personal! Keep reading to find out how.

Design business critique

Are you ready to get serious about building your design business?

I want to help.

For only $250, I’ll provide a full-fledged, in-depth custom critique to help you build your business, find more clients, make more money, and live your dream.

I currently only offer critiques for beginners: designers who are struggling to make their business really take off.

(In the near future, I will offer advanced critiques that focus on helping design firms and well-established designers take their business to the next level.)

What you get with your paid critique

  • An in-depth report containing solid advice, actionable tips, and business-changing tactics that you can act on immediately to start seeing a positive difference in your design business.
  • Complete analysis of your branding, client-building tactics, and the overall strength of your design business.
  • Each critique will likely spark new content on GDB and any reference made to your design business will include all appropriate links and publicity

I GUARANTEE you’ll receive at least one actionable piece of advice that will dramatically improve the path your business is on–making you more money, finding you more clients, creating more free time, or all of the above!


I want to see you succeed from your critique so for a limited time, I will also exchange up to 5 follow-up emails with you regarding your critique at no extra charge! You’ll exchange emails with me personally at any pace you prefer–giving you a chance to test my advice and ask any follow up questions you’d like!

Only 5 available each month

In order to maintain an extremely high level of quality when offering these premium critiques, I am limiting my total number of available critiques to 5 each month. If you want to get your critique soon (before all the slots for this month fill up), sign up today!

What to do next…

If you’re ready to take your design business to the next level for only $250, fill out the information below and I will be in touch with you shortly with further details!

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