Design Business Secrets Exposed: Book Review

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This is a Blender Book Review of Design Business Secrets Exposed by Gino Orlandi. If you would like to get your book, blog, site, service, or product reviewed on GDB, contact us.

Gino Orlandi is an author, designer, and marketing expert who has been working from home for over six years. And now he wants to teach you how to run a successful graphic design business from your home.

You might recognize Gino’s name because he founded the popular design blog After growing that blog to over 15,000 subscribers, he started and has written hundreds of posts about design and marketing to help other designers achieve their dreams of working from home.

And now he’s written a book.

So without any further ado, here’s what I personally thought of the book:

Excellent Writing Style

The language of this book is pretty straightforward and easy-to-understand. Orlandi presents helpful tips to designers from all walks of life. If you’re hoping to start your own design business working from home and you’re looking for an easy-read, this is the book for you.

Mediocre Graphic Style

Although the writing style is better than I expected, I was a little let down by the graphic style of the book. For a book all about becoming a successful designer, the layout is mediocre, the leading is a little tight for my liking and the pages are pretty word-heavy. Not to mention, the cover is just not that great.

I loved the writing style, but I expected much more – graphically speaking – from such a professional designer.

Top-notch Helpfulness

The book is packed full of helpful tips on starting and running a successful design business. It covers everything from defining your niche and target audience, to handling paperwork and business tasks.

My favorite chapter is probably “Chapter 4 – Marketing Your Services Online and Offline”. It discusses creative ways to market your design business and includes anything from how to take full advantage of an email list or blog to where you can promote your business on and off the internet.

Definitely a great resource for designers who want to take their business to the next level.

Would I recommend it?

It all comes down to this, right? Would I recommend it?


Do I think it’s perfect for everyone?


If you are ready to leave your desk job behind and start a business from scratch, then it’s the perfect fit for you. But if you’ve been working as a freelance designer or running your own design business for more than about 6 months, you’ll probably find you’ve already completed a lot of the tasks in the book.

If you’re anxious to learn how to start a graphic design business right away, then I would definitely recommend it. Also, if you would like a 25% discount on the book, just type the word “blender” in when prompted for a promo code.

Happy learning!

NOTE: Although GDB received remuneration for reviewing this book, I have attempted to offer a completely truthful and honest review of this product.

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