How to (finally) start freelancing and rock at it- Video interview with Jonathan Wold

It’s a new year again and with many of you wondering if now is the time to start freelancing, or how to take your freelance business to the next level, I’ve got the perfect resource for you!

It’s a nearly-forty-minute-long video interview with Jonathan Wold, an amazing, impressive, successful entrepreneur who’s been making a killing as a designer/developer for a while now.

In the interview, Jonathan shares his secrets on building a successful freelance business from scratch (and he’s got some great advice!)

If you’re reading this on the blog, the video should be available to play above this text. If not, click here.

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Short on time? Here’s the best stuff

If you don’t have time to watch the nearly 40 minutes of excellent content, feel free to use the following timestamps to navigate to the content that will most help you achieve your goals this year!

CHAPTERS (click the timestamp to navigate)
Building a freelance business from scratch
1:58 – Using wordpress to build a successful design business
5:20 – How to motivate yourself to take your business to the next level
8:40 – How to build a thriving client base from scratch

Finding and impressing freelance clients
16:00 – How to get new clients to seek you out
20:30 – The truth about what clients look for in a freelancer
23:50 — The easiest way to have a strong client base
26:50 — how to beat out your competition and impress your clients

Booklet content, “The ultimate guide to designing a better business website”
Book, How to Win Friends and Influence People
Blog post, “Stop looking for new freelance clients”
Blog post, “What does your pricing strategy say about you as a freelancer?”

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  1. says

    Just watched the video interview with Jonathan Wold and I am so motivated to use the resources around me and build my business of marketing and design. I look forward to reading each Graphic Design Blender email and keep up the good work!

  2. says

    Hey Preston, Really enjoyed the video. I watched it the minute I got the notification and think I was the first to comment on it on youtube. Anyways, just super excited to devour the next one. Just curious when you think you might have another one up? Thanks for everything!


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