100 Creative holiday gifts for freelancers

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As freelancers we are busy, picky, and at times eccentric. What a nightmare to buy for! So, if you’re shopping for fellow freelancers, a designer friend or co-worker, or just looking to treat yourself for the holidays, you’re in luck! Today, we’ve got you covered with a list of 100 Creative holiday gifts for freelancers. Take a look and then add your must-have holiday gift by leaving a comment. We’ve broken them down into 5 main categories (click link to jump): On

How to give constructive criticism without being a jerk

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Have you ever been asked to critique a fellow designer’s project that needs more than a little bit of work? You don’t want to come off as snooty or rude and you certainly don’t want to hurt their feelings, but you do need to make it clear that there are several improvements that could be made. And while your mind automatically wants to mess around with it on your own, it’s not your project, so what you’re really looking to

How business plans actually hold back many entrepreneurs


There are a lot of reasons you haven’t started your dream business yet. Maybe you think you need tons of money to get started (wrong). Maybe you think there aren’t enough hours in the day to make it happen (also wrong). Or maybe you think you need a seventy-page business plan in order to build a business that actually succeeds. PS: This post is the third in a series addressing common reasons entrepreneurs never get started on the business they

10 Embarrassing Examples of Designer Jargon You’ve Really Got to Stop Using

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Who decided jargon was a good thing? When did we start believing it made us look smarter? I don’t know about you but one of my biggest gripes as a designer is the amount of jargon I come across, especially in the web industry! I despise it so much, I actually created a strict ‘No Jargon Policy’ over at Web123 and I encourage my design partners to follow the same suite. If we absolutely must use jargon for some technical

Is following design trends good or bad for business?

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Design, like most everything else, changes with the times. There are landmark art and design movements that we are taught about in school. These come about as there are massive shifts in technology and popular culture. There are also more fleeting, yearly and even monthly design trends that can be a lot tougher to keep up with. So should you even try to keep up with the latest trends? Keeping up can be a very positive thing. It makes the

Why “solopreneuring” isn’t always best + welcome to our new GDB writers


Today, I’m very excited to announce two additions to our writing team here at GDB. Bianca Board and Ben Brush have both accepted offers to join our team and I absolutely can’t wait to start regularly publishing their amazing work! Both Bianca and Ben bring some fantastic experience to the team to join with April and myself. Please join me in the comments to welcome these new members of our team! You can also connect even more with the GDB

How to build your dream business even when you’re short on time

start a business with little time

I don’t know about you, but I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. I can’t shake it. I think I got it from my dad. He’s always talking about his next big idea and how it’s going to change the world. And I find myself doing the same thing: turning every stubbed toe or broken stick into a problem that needs to be solved by a company I could start. And even though I have another full-time job currently, I

Why you don’t actually need money to start a business


I work with a lot of budding entrepreneurs. I coach some, I interact with thousands here at the blog, and I connect with many of you on our GDB insiders Facebook page (join us, it’s a great community). And I hear lots of reasons why you have decided now is not the right time to start a business. So, over the course of the next six weeks, I will publish a series of posts featuring popular reasons you haven’t started