34 Business Tasks You Should Stop Doing & Hire Virtual Staff For


What’s the number one resource all entrepreneurs don’t have enough of? Time. Especially if you’ve built your business around providing a service for people. Because, once the 24 hours in a day run out, you have no choice but to start over again tomorrow. If you’re not careful, you can think you’re building a business when you’re really just spending 24-hour increments maintaining a business. How to get more hours in the day There’s only one solid way to find more

An Easy 10-point SEO checklist for your next website project


15 years ago, you could design a great website for your client and not have to worry too much about things like SEO best-practices or the latest Google Search algorithm update. You could simply stuff the your site with keywords and be on the first page of Ask Jeeves. (Or at least that’s what they tell me; 15 years ago I was sneaking cigarettes in-between classes and practicing for my Driver’s Ed exam). To put it simply, times have changed.

1 in 5 Win free web hosting from our new host, Squidix (No, seriously)

free web hosting

Last month, we completely changed where we host GraphicDesignBlender.com. We left our previous host, where GDB had been hosted for more than 5 years, and made the switch to Squidix. And today, to celebrate a seamless transition (thanks, guys!), GDB and Squidix are giving away a whole slew of one-year hosting plans completely free. You can use the plan for yourself or pass the savings on to a client who needs web hosting. More details on how the contest is

Which fonts convert best in web design & are you using them?


You know what makes up a good website: great color scheme, intuitive navigation, and awesome calls-to-action (among many other things). Since all of these elements are calculated to stand out, it makes sense that they’re important in web design. And they all share one crucial aspect: font selection. The best web fonts are those that make reading easy and quick without drawing attention to themselves. (Display fonts garner notice because that’s their purpose; but even they flounder if they emphasize

How passive income side projects changed my life and business forever


About a year ago I came to a realization that completely changed my life: I realized that if I just kept jumping from freelance project to freelance project I would never get where I wanted to in life. I would probably make a decent income, and I would get pretty good, but ultimately I would feel dissatisfied and stagnant after a few years. Realizing that my freelance work wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go, I made

4 Ways to throw serious fuel on your creative business


Growing your business – in the busy moments, you don’t have time to think about it, and in the lean times, it’s all you can think about. It’s always somewhere in your consciousness that you need to grow your business, but the question is – how? Here, neatly packaged for you, are some especially pertinent GDB posts from the past few years that will help you answer that very question. We’re going to look at the issue from three different

My secret to making steady money as a freelance designer


We share tips for making money as a freelancer here at GDB all the time. They include: upselling your design projects, generating passive income, specializing in a particular discipline or skill, and many many more. But there’s one key to making steady money as a freelance designer that I fear I haven’t been very clear about. It’s not that I’m trying to hide anything from you – I want you to be successful too! But it’s something that I have just

3 Critical business tips I would share with ‘7-years-ago’ me if I had a time machine

what I would tell my self 7 years ago about business

Between freelancing and running GDB, I’ve been “in business” for over seven years now. I know that’s not much for some people, but for me, I feel pretty blessed to have reached lucky number 7. Looking back on the last 7 years got me thinking: what business tips would I share with myself seven years ago if I had a time-machine? I honestly believe if I had known these three things seven years ago, I could have avoided some serious heartbreak, frustration,