Two facts that prove you should start freelancing now!


Ok, I’m calling you out.

Why aren’t you freelancing?

You know you want to, you know you’re talented. So what’s stopping you from freelancing full-time or, at a minimum, on the side of your full-time job?

Today, I wanted to share with you two fascinating facts I recently stumbled onto in regards to freelancers and their cubicle counterparts:

I discovered them in the book (that I can’t put down) Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port.*

1. Freelancers make more money than cubicle-dwellers.

According to a study by Anne E. Polvika, “Full-time independent contractors earn an average of 15% more than their employee counterparts.”

2. Freelancers are more likely to make $75,000+ annually

According to a study by Aquent Partners, “[Freelancers] are twice as likely as W-2 workers to have personal incomes above $75,000 per year.

How’s that for motivation?

If that’s not enough to get you motivated, I don’t know what is.

Not motivated by money? Think about the extra time you can spend with your family doing things you enjoy with the extra money you’ll be bringing in. Think of the good you could do in the world with the extra money.

For freelancing, money has never been the point.

I don’t freelance to get rich.

But I do freelance to provide a better life for my family and to live life the way I want to. (Why do YOU freelance?)

Anyway, thought you might like a little bit of inspiration to bump you in the right direction today. Hope it motivates you as much as it motivated me!

*Note: As usual, links to Book Yourself Solid in this post are affiliate links and I get a few cents if you buy the book on amazon. I never recommend books I haven’t read (or are currently reading) and absolutely refuse to promote books I don’t believe will help you grow your freelance design business. If you click through and buy, let me know. I’d love to discuss the book with you.

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  1. says

    Nice post though I don’t do freelancing only because of money yet not denying it’s one of the reasons, To me, freelancing is about freedom…how? I feel quite free with picking what kind of projects I want to work on :) that is not possible in the case of having a permanent job!

  2. raymond says

    guys, if you have a job, and if you are happy about that, don’t be greedy after seeing this article and fall in to freelance. – you will never have your family if you do freelancing while you have a job.
    my friend never seen his kid when he was growing up, because he earn little more money than his collegues – that part i agree, but all the family time he need to sacrifice to do the freelancing. -
    keep in mind, if you ain’t doing the freelancing with document, contract signed, you’re doomed.
    there are clients waiting to suck your liver and brain. -
    - always do charity works, spend your time for design for them, help orphanage, help arrange small school events works..-its worth it- their pleased heart will grow you and make you humble human being.
    don’t run behind money, and fall in to this-
    im a freelancer, just finished my degree, and im about to off from freelancing and starting a job-
    and continue my support and university club activities (if they ask, bcos i need to let them grow too).
    or my local community works, im more than open for them.
    -be wise – be smart – be humble- be Lovable
    -no greedy – no offense -no hate

  3. says

    I read “Book Yourself Solid” a few years back…there’s some interesting stuff in there. I wonder though, what industries of “freelancers” that 75K figure pertains to? I don’t know too many designers making anywhere near that kind of money…at least not visual based designers. Anyway, it’s still inspiring to hear. Thanks.

  4. says

    wow Preston,

    I have been waiting for a sign forever and maybe this is the one :)
    I am thinking of making my full time work into a 3 days a week thing. In this way I can still have a steady income and a good workplace to work in. I also learn new things at my work, which helps my freelance too!

    What do you think? Is this a good idea?

  5. says

    Getting started is tough, especially since most advice is to post on dribbble and have an amazing portfolio… At the end of the day that’s still waiting for work to come to you, and most freelancers go and get work.

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