Get more out of Dribbble: 55 Freelancers, designers, and entrepreneurs you should follow

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In case you’ve been living under a proverbial rock for the last few years, Dribbble is a website that allows for designers, illustrators, typographers, iconographers, and almost everybody else to show their work and get feedback.

There’s only one catch: the “shots” need to be a small size to show only the details, not the whole work. It’s an interesting take on displaying work and facilitates some great discussions.

Luckily, there are numerous talented freelancers on Dribbble that can inspire you and help you improve your designs. All of them range from Web Designers to Illustrators to Iconographers and more! Here are 55 of our favorite Dribbblers. (PS: If we left you or someone else out, let us know in the comments!)

  1. Preston D Lee
  2. Brent Galloway
  3. April Greer
  4. Meagan Fisher
  5. Dan Cederholm
  6. Tim Van Damme
  7. Jeff Broderick
  8. Jason Santa Maria
  9. Matthew Smith
  10. Eric Hoffman
  11. Veerle Pieters
  12. Justin Mezzell
  13. Cameron Moll
  14. Dave Ruiz
  15. Jessica Hische
  16. Kelli Anderson
  17. Brian Hoff
  18. Dana Tanamachi
  19. Kyee
  20. Jeffery Zeldman
  21. Fabio Sasso
  22. Tyler Galpin
  23. Elliot Jay Stocks
  24. Claire Coullon
  25. Kerem Suer
  26. Brandon Rike
  27. Visual Idiot
  28. Eddie Lobanovskiy
  29. Dash
  30. Dave Mottram
  31. Sean McCabe
  32. Drew Wilson
  33. Rogie
  34. Ryan Hamrick
  35. Von Glitschka
  36. Sean Ferguson
  37. Garret Godsey
  38. Derrick Castle
  39. Alex Mathers
  40. Liam McKay
  41. Matthias Mentasti
  42. Toby James Pestridge
  43. Dave Ruiz
  44. Shaun Moynihan
  45. Ryan Clark
  46. Luke Beard
  47. Joey Ellis
  48. Made By Thomas
  49. Rachel Shillcock
  50. Anthony Bullock
  51. Josh Hemsley
  52. James McDonald
  53. Morgan Allan Knutson
  54. Sean Farrell
  55. Mark Otto

Do you have a Dribbble account? If so, include your account handle in the comments and let us check out your work. Did we leave anyone out? Let us know in the comments too!

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  1. Christina Lannen says

    I wish that the term “freelancers” would go away. You’re a business whether you like it or not.

  2. says

    Hey Dribbble fans! As you may have noticed, I’m still a lowly prospect. Please, if you can invite me to be a full member, I would truly appreciate it!



  3. says

    Pretty good list there. A good thing is I already have a lot of them. Some that are missing though are me of course @no1son and also @de
    Quite a few more too like: @tylergalpin , @jackmrhughes , @zachinglis to name but a few.

    I am only a few months into Dribbble but it is awesome. I love it. Just need more followers. Nudge, nudge, hint, hint!

  4. says

    Hey there, I’m using Dribbble! Ig you want to follow some UI/UX stuff, I’ll follow you back! :)

  5. says

    Hey there, I’m using Dribbble! If you want to follow some UI/UX stuff, I’ll follow you back, I’ll love to connect with other ppl! :)


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