Ready for a laugh? Freelance design comics from GDB and Ken Reynolds


Usually, here at GDB, it’s all about business.

No joking around.

After all, GDB’s the leading authority on business advice for designers around the world.

But today, we have something unique and (shh don’t tell anyone) fun to show you!

If you’re a freelance designer, you’re going to get a serious kick out of our newest ebook (eComic Book actually), You Know You’re a Freelance Designer When…

And believe, me, you’re not only going to relate to some of the hilarious scenarios in this book, but you’re going to think we made these comics about YOU!

GDB has teamed up with illustrator and designer (and apparently a comedian), Ken Reynolds, to bring you this totally-exclusive, can’t-find-it-anywhere-else ebook.

For this week only, we’ll be selling the comic book for 33% off (just 11.99 this week only!). Complete with 50 hilarious pages, after this week, you’ll pay up to $17.99, but for launch week (starting today and ending this Sunday) you can get the book for just $11.99.

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Not sure you’re into it? Here’s a few comics straight from the book:

Get your copy of You Know You’re a Freelance Designer When… for only 11.99 this week only! Buy here



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  1. says

    I love Ken’s comics, and judging by these examples here, this e-book looks spot on with the humour. But the question is, can I get a copy of the book and just pay for it if I like it? :D


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