Cyber Monday at GDB: $515 worth of premium themes for only $29

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Happy Cyber Monday, everyone! Today is the day that all of us show a little bit more of our geeky side and really let loose!

Last year for Cyber Monday, MOJO Themes and Graphic Design Blender teamed up to give you an amazing deal on over $400 worth of design themes, icons, templates and more!

It was such a hit last year, we thought we’d do it again!

So this year, we have an AMAZING deal for designers who need a little more inspiration and a few extra tools to get the job done right in 2012: The Cyber Bundle – $515 worth of premium themes for only $29.

The Cyber Bundle includes the following: (and lots of other stuff I couldn’t fit here! Over $500 worth of stuff for only $29)

10 of the most popular (and might I add “well-designed”) WordPress items on the MOJO marketplace:

●    Easy Theme $37 (Magazine) – ViewTheme

●    Exciter $35 (Magazine) – ViewTheme

●    Mandrake $37 (Business) – ViewTheme

●    Complex – $37 (Business) – ViewTheme

●    MediaFlux – $35 (Magazine) – ViewTheme

●    LittleSmile – $37 (Business) – ViewTheme

●    Oddly – $35 (Business) – ViewTheme

●    Banter – $37 (Business) – ViewTheme

●    Box One – $32 (One-Page) – ViewTheme

●    Ampersand – $35 (Magazine) – ViewTheme

MOJO Theme’s best niche WordPress Themes (all stunning):

●    Chow – $35 (Restaurant) – ViewTheme

●    Launched Yet? – $18 (Landing Page) – ViewTheme

●    Fuse Music – $35 (Music) – ViewTheme

●    EStyle – $35 (Fashion) – ViewTheme

●    True North – $35 (Church) – ViewTheme

And these aren’t just bogus, cheap themes either

I personally checked and these aren’t just the cheap, worthless themes on their marketplace either! These are some of the top themes on their marketplace. It would cost you more to buy one of most of these themes that it will cost you to buy the entire Cyber Bundle – it’s only $29!

I already bought mine

I seriously already bought mine. What are you waiting for? Even if you only get one good theme out of the deal, you’ve still saved money! (But, believe me, you’ll get way more than one great theme!) Get your Cyber Bundle today!

So happy Cyber Monday – wishing you all the best,


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