How to pick the perfect font for print projects


You’ve probably heard the general rule: Serif for print, sans serif for screen. Is that really all there is to choosing a print typeface? Does it mean you can never use a sans serif in print, even if it would work really well? Let’s look at some of the subtleties of print typography, and how you can use them to maximum advantage in your design efforts. Looking for the best font faces for branding/logos? Click here. A bit of history…

How long should you test a marketing idea before giving up?

small business marketing

Marketing. That dirty ‘M’ word. How dare they not warn you of it in design school. “Do good work” — they say. “Create a great portfolio” — they say. “Look after your clients” — they say. And supposedly, the money will take care of itself. Yeah, right! I’m calling BS. I’m a good designer. I bend over backwards for my clients and then do a triple somersault in midair. And I have a pretty damn fine portfolio of work too.

How our agency uses email marketing to find new clients fast


When you’re ready to make a big purchase… let’s say a new computer… you probably go steps like these: First, you start getting tired of the old one. So you start browsing around some websites, seeing what your options are, but you’re not quite ready to buy. Then, you get a little more fidgety as your old computer gets worse and worse and your needs for a computer get bigger and bigger. So you re-visit those sites, and keep shopping

How I built a 6-figure freelancing business on Elance


Earlier today, we posted a different version of this article here at GDB. While we believe the original article delivered some great advice on building a six-figure business on Elance, some of you were concerned that it didn’t go into enough detail. Danny and I immediately jumped on the phone and talked through what we could add to the post to make it as valuable for you as possible. Below is the revised post, which we sincerely hope you will

How to rock at business without starving your creativity

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I recently had one of the best moments of my life. My son (who’s currently 4 years old) randomly came up to me one day and said, “Dad, I’m going to be an artist when I grow up.” Why was I so happy? Because when I was his age, I said the same thing. And I see so much of me in him–it’s crazy. Everyday, he’s got dozens of new hand-drawn pictures for me. He writes his own little books

Which fonts work best for brands & logos? + how to pick the perfect one

fonts for logo design

Out of the thousands of fonts available online, how are you supposed to choose just one or two that will establish your brand? (Especially when many of them start looking the same after a while.) This task is even harder if no one ever told you that you have to consider many factors — not just whether your chosen typefaces look nice. For your brand to succeed, it must tell a consistent story of what you’re all about. For your brand to

55+ Questions to ask when designing a logo


Knowing which questions to ask when designing a logo can be difficult. You don’t want to look stupid by asking the wrong kinds of questions. You don’t want to overwhelm your client by asking too many questions. But if you don’t ask enough of the right questions, you could waste hours designing a logo that doesn’t match what your client is looking for. I’ve been there. It’s not fun. Trust me. Below, to help you start thinking through questions to

12 Sure-fire ways to be happier as a freelance designer


I consider myself an incredibly fortunate person. Through a combination of hard work and luck, I am a freelance designer – my dream job. For all of its ups and downs, complications and stressful moments, this is a career that suits my talents and temperament supremely well. And yet – being solely in charge of my own business all the time can take its toll and threaten to deplete me of a very precious commodity which I like to call